76ers’ Joel Embiid will have an MRI to assess his knee injury; Game 5 status is unknown

Head coach Doc Rivers said that Joel Embiid, Philadelphia 76ers’ star, will undergo an MRI Tuesday. He was hurt in Monday’s loss to Washington Wizards by right knee soreness.

Embiid limped into the locker room in the first half, but was ruled out at halftime. It is not yet clear if the large man will be available to play in Game 5 on Wednesday.

Rivers stated that Embiid’s status in Game 5 was “It’s not clear”.

Embiid was unable to play in 51 games during this season due to shoulder and knee joel embiid injury.

Philadelphia is a legitimate contender for the NBA title with a fully-healthy Embiid. He was a MVP candidate and led the Sixers in scoring (28.5 per game) as well as rebounding (10.6) during regular season.

Through the first three games, he averaged 29.3 points per match.

Through his entire career, injuries have been a problem to the Kansas alum. In each of his five previous seasons, he has missed at most 18 games.

Because of his importance to the Sixers they will likely be cautious with Embiid’s injury at this stage in the series with a strong lead over Washington.

Dwight Howard will probably see more playing time until Embiid is back in the lineup.

The Atlanta Hawks will take on the Philadelphia 76ers in the second round. Game 1 is at home on Sunday. The team will try to win even without Joel Embiid, who was injured in Game 4 against Washington Wizards.

The team called it right knee soreness. The big fella was later diagnosed with a small lateral meiscus tear in his right leg. He is currently listed as day to day.

It was speculated that he might have sustained the injury in Game 4 but it went unnoticed until the night in D.C.

Doc Rivers said that it was an injury sustained in Game 4. “That’s pretty much been clarified.”

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