Lawn Mower Guide

If you’re looking for advice on what type of lawn mower you should buy for your garden then look no further. This article will describe the three most popular types of mower on the market today; rotary mowers, cylinder mowers and ride on mowers. Within one of these types I can almost guarantee you’ll find the right mower for you. After reading this article you will have the confidence to go out and purchase a mower to suit your needs.

Rotary mowers are now almost an industry standard for all but the very finest of lawns. The quality of the finish you get from a rotary mower has massively improved and you can now expect some excellent results from a rotary. For the best finish get a mower with a heavy roller attached to the back which is what will give you the dramatic stripped effect. Four wheeled rotary mowers are also great pieces of kit, you won’t get a stripped finish but they are a lot more versatile than roller mowers and generally have a higher cutting height for dealing with longer grass. They are also great in early autumn for easily collecting up light layers of leaves without flattening the grass like a roller mower would. Mulching mowers are now becoming very popular. They work by a rotary blade cutting the grass but they have a closed deck so the grass clippings get mulched up by the blade and then forced back into the lawn. The main benefits with this type of mower are that the mulched grass cuttings act as a fertilizer for your lawn and will provide shade for the soil during hot and dry periods. Mulching mowers will also spare you the tedious task of having to empty the grass box. Now you know a little more about rotary mowers lets at cylinder mowers.

Cylinder mowers are better suited for people who are going to be mowing there lawn on a regular basis, there’s no doubt that cylinder mowers will produce a far superior finish than a rotary mower but they are only really suited for cutting short grass. They work by a spinning cylinder blade slicing the grass across a fixed bottom blade. You can buy them in either petrol or electric form; I would advise choosing a petrol version for all but the smallest of lawns. If you’re the sort of person that takes great care of there lawn and mows it regularly then a cylinder mower will be perfect for your needs and will give your lawn the best possible finish. The next type of mower I would suggest is the ride on mower.

Even though ride on mowers are still rotary mowers, I believe that they deserve a separate mention. With the increased warming of the climate and a seemingly longer growing season each year, your lawn will be actively growing for longer periods of the year, so a ride on mower could be the perfect choice to make your life easier. I would advise against buying a cheap ride on mower as they probably won’t be very user friendly and won’t give your lawn a great finish. The best thing I’d advise is to work out your budget and then look for reviews of the best ride on mowers to fit your budget.

I hope this article has helped you with you choice of mower and things are now a little clearer as to what type of mower you need for your garden.

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Laminate vs. Hardwood Floor covering: Which Is Much better?

What is Reclaimed Wood Flooring and is it For Me? - Hardwood Flooring  Services MI - Cameron the Sandman | Wood Flooring Contractor

Slippery, cool, dark, as well as handsome. What is it? Wood floorings! But did you know the timber floorings you could be depending on could in fact be laminated floors?

What’s the difference and also which is one is much better Floor mod? Continue reading for some pro suggestions on how to pick between laminate vs wood floors.

New laminate oak parquet slats in different colors.

Advantages and disadvantages of Laminate vs Hardwood Floor.

Both laminate and hardwood floors have benefits and drawbacks. As well as which one is better for you depends entirely on your lifestyle and spending plan. Below are some aspects to consider:.


In the earlier days, laminated floorings risked of developing creases and also weird bumps when they were not made or installed correctly. Thus, it was simpler to tell them aside from wood floorings.

However, because of much better modern technology today, manufacturers have actually improved at designing prints that look more reasonable, making it harder for most to discriminate. Still, some would certainly say that there is nothing like the actual point.

Building and construction.

Hardwood floorings, as a number of us currently know, are made from genuine timber cut from collected trees. Laminate floors, nonetheless, are made from composite timber that is then covered with a manufactured print that emulates real timber.

Rate Factor.

Due to the difference in product and also the manufacturing procedure, the cost factor in between wood as well as laminate floorings is quite various.

The price of wood floorings can be a little bit extra or a lot much more depending on exactly how uncommon the sort of wood you choose is. Laminate floorings, on the hand, can be as much as half less than hardwood floors. This is due to the fact that not only is the material less expensive to make, however it also is simpler to set up.


Natural timber is more vulnerable to deterioration, such as scrapes and also fading from the sun. However in the future, it is more powerful and also can take extra damages. If well dealt with, a wood floor can last approximately twenty-five years or a whole lifetime.

Laminated floorings, on the other hand, do not hold damages also. So, if you stay in a family with heavy traffic, a laminated flooring will probably demand to be replaced before you market it if you wish to keep or boost your residence value.

Repair work.

Typically, hardwood floor is much easier to deal with than laminated flooring because it can be sanded down or redecorated easily.

If one part of your laminate floor is damaged, you have to replace that particular location with an entire brand-new board. Initially, the brand-new board may additionally stick out extra from the remainder because it’s newer and shinier.

The Bottom Line.

The best method to tackle picking laminate vs hardwood flooring is to think about just how much website traffic your house obtains. And also, do not neglect: It’s not just feet. If you have youngsters, senior parents, or pet dogs in the house, then think of chairs dragging, mobility devices, and small paws as well.

And also finally, think about the quantity of time you’ll be in the house. If it’s only for a couple of years, after that possibly laminate flooring could be sufficient. But, if you intend on staying for a long time, after that wood floors might be worth the investment.